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Household budgeting 101

Having a budget changed my financial life for the better. It’s the tool my family and couldn’t live without. Here’s a lesson on budgeting efficiently.

grocery budgeting

If your food budget is the part of your finances that has you frustration, join the club. Get tips for saving money on food every month.

living on one income

“Live on one income.” It’s the best advice we ever got as a young couple. I want to pass it on to you.

paying off debt

Have you ever imagined life without debt? Does a life without payments seem impossible? If so, here’s a message for you.

Creating Side Income

Having more than one income requires effort and creativity but it is available to you. Here are ideas and resources to help.


Blogging is my favorite side hustle ever. It challenging but it doesn’t feel like a hustle. Here are tips for getting started and mistakes to avoid.